Before And After Website Examples


  • Interrupt - non-targeted generic headline
  • Engage - no subheadline promising a solution
  • Educate - the video on this site says... "Greeting parents! I want to welcome you to Remarkable Parenting. You will find tons of great information here, with hundreds of pages of articles." Notice this doctor lists ALL 9 areas he treats - non-targeted
  • Offer - free consultation and phone number - prospects aren't ready at this stage to engage this doctor's services


This page was redesigned to target just ONE type of client - those needing help with their child suffering with emotional and behavioral problems

The "After" website could increase this doctor's conversion rate by more than 10 fold!

  • Interrupt - targeted, hot button, problem-based headline
  • Engage - subheadline that promises a solution
  • Educate - this video says the following... "As a parent, are you struggling to gain control of your child's attitude and emotions? Is your child yelling and screaming at you, while often displaying a belligerent and sometimes threatening tone that no matter what you do or try... you just can't seem to get under control? My name is Dr. John Smith, and every day, I help parents just like you learn the techniques that will solve these frustrating and destructive behavioral patterns once and for all. In fact, let me prove it to you. Enter your first name and email in the box to the right, and I'll send you a series of 60 second techniques that will immediately restore peace and quiet in your home."
  • Offer - Behavioral Report that demonstrates the doctors ability to help parents gain control of their child... offering them both proof of the doctor's abilities as well as tremendous value by providing them with a temporary solution to their problem.