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Hi, Patricia, here to help you overcome the overwhelm and frustration in building your dream business.

Before implementing the marketing strategies I’m going to share with you in my latest book, I found myself working in my business day and night and struggling to meet my income goals.

Admittedly, I made the huge mistake of ignoring what I knew were solid business principles and wasting time listening to all the so-called "gurus" spouting the latest "shiny object" - tricks, tips, and tactics.

I confess that I wasted hours creating blog content, hanging out on social media, and jumping from one new fad to the next!

After deciding to "get back to basics" and implementing these proven strategies for myself and my clients, I am now attracting my ideal clients and producing real results, not vanity metrics.

Here's the big secret: There's only 5 areas of business focus to move the dial and grow your income. If you focus on those 5 areas, you reduce frustration and get better marketing outcomes.

Here's my offer: Put me to the test and see for yourself!

As a simple way for me to demonstrate my marketing expertise, I have a way to find ANY business owner at least $10,000 in undiscovered revenue in 45 minutes or less. GUARANTEED.

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I call this "The $10K Challenge."

Unpack the 5 proven strategies that you must focus on and get YOUR business breakthrough today.

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    We found $43,200 in my session! I think it’s really helpful, sometimes we get so lost in trying to figure things out ourselves, that when we allow outside people, who aren’t invested in our business to kinda take a look at it and pick it apart a bit, it’s always really helpful, and regardless if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you definitely can pick up some pointers to make your business more successful.
    A. Lynn Blanco Blanco Travels
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    I took Patricia's 45 minute Business analysis and she found me well over $158,000 of potential income sitting on the table not being properly segmented, nor targeted, and wasted leads. The truth of the matter is my business is no different than anyone elses. Your business and all business do what my business did for over 25 years. Spray and Pray. This method is lousy, unpredictable and is responsible for the most unpredictable crappy inconsistent results EVER! If you are sick and tired of playing the definition of Insanity, which is doing the SAME exact thing over and over and over and over again expecting different results, then I highly recommend you take Patricia's 45 minute consult. You will be inspired, recharged, energized and perhaps also have a second wind to put into your business and achieve a business makeover to amaze all makeovers. Seriously, take this 45 minute consult Patricia provides as a blessing. I am grateful for your time Patricia AND look forward to reporting back to you in 30, 60 and 90 days later more tremendous results. What is one thing that inspired me the most from the consult. The CF. Conversion Formula. There is one. Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer. With these 4 items, I should no longer be spraying and praying. I would be working with qualified leads and not spraying and praying any more. I would reduce my touch points from over 90 marketing messages down to only 5-7. This insight is inspiring and gives me tremendous hope. Thanks Patricia!
    Paul Finkelstein Mobile Portrait Pros

I'm Patricia Reszetylo.

I grew up with a business in my front yard... literally, as my dad ran a greenhouse right on our property in northern Minnesota. I've studied business and marketing for decades, experimenting with my own to learn what makes a success.

I'm an author and business expert, but my focus is all on YOU.

Let's make it happen for you!